Getting Started in the Industry

We cover all the topics essential to making it in entertainment in a specific order that gets


Understanding the Casting Process.   

The casting process describes the industry standard for the way in which a performer goes from an individual with a dream, to a working (and paid) actor, singer and/or model.  Knowing where you stand within this process will help you determine your next, most efficient step, towards success.  Reversely, not knowing the casting process could cause you unnecessary headache, and susceptibility to scams.

While it is tempting for parents to spend hour’s on-line ‘self-submitting’ their kids for available roles, it’s important to understand that the only opportunities available to the general public are those which are for low budget, or no budget projects. 

Why?Because casting directors turn to talent agents and managers to find reputable talent that have been “pre-screened” and are ready to work. 

Does that mean you should not ‘self-submit’, no.But you should have very clear expectations about what kind of projects your child may be cast in.If you are new to the business and just starting out, student films and other low budget projects are a viable way for you to get some experience on set and a few credits for your resume. 

That said, the door to bigger opportunities will open only after you secure representation by an agent or a manager.