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Built on over thirty years of experience supporting producers, agents and parents, Children In Film is equipped with the information and resources you need to launch your child’s entertainment career. Get started today!

Talent Casting

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Finding an agent or manager is one of the first leaps necessary in launching an entertainment career. CIF’s KidStart Program is a proven process that will help you land qualified representation.

Rules & Laws

Knowledge of, and adherence to, child actor labor laws in your home state and the state in which you intend to work makes you more employable. Be prepared with a click of a button.

Getting Started

You’ve taken a positive step towards employing your child’s creativity. Why not let us show you the next logical step?

Introducing KidStart: A step-by-step program with all the tools and information you need to launch your child’s career in show business. It’s ten simple steps offering an easy approach to a confusing business.

Children In Film’s expertly designed KidStart Program provides everything you need to know. We cover all the topics essential to making it in entertainment in a specific order that gets results. Remember, like many things in life there is a process. So, before you skip ahead and start submitting snapshots on casting websites we recommend that you first work these very important steps …