Labor Laws & Work Permits

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Do you know the child actor labor laws for your state? If you’re looking to pursue a career in entertainment for your child or if you are an entertainment industry professional looking to employ a child in your production, it is important that you know the child actor labor laws in both your home state and any state in which you intend to work.

If you are a production company seeking to employ a child actor, you can research the child actor labor laws for all 50 states right here on Find out whether or not you need a work permit or if a Studio Teacher is required by law. You can also find out how many hours each child can work per day.

Learning the child actor labor laws in your state is one of the first steps towards becoming a successful child actor parent. You’ll want to learn about entertainment work permits and obtain one if necessary, find out if a trust account is required in your state, or if your talent agency is required to hold a license. can answer all of these questions.

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